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Monday, 2 June 2008

Welcome Back Indy, Welcome Mutt!

Well I just came back from watching the latest installment of Indiana Jones and I must say that at least this time old Georgie Boy didn't mess up this franchise. Although like Indy said that he is now older and albeit a little bit slower, the thrills are still there although the slow takes between the action scenes are now a bit longer. Have to give the old man a breather between scenes I guess. This is not a movie review so there will be no spoilers but I guess the movie is quite representative of the era it is now set, ie, the 50's with the McCarthyism scare, grease vs jocks, aliens and such and has enough death defying action to keep my kids occupied most of the time. But the legendary knowing smirk instances is no longer as frequent any more, so the conspiratorial feeling that we the audience shares with Indy that this is all tongue in cheek does not hold centre stage much further. Especially when the inside jokes taken from the earlier movies may be lost to the new viewing generation. So the joy ride feels less intense, we are no longer in the passenger seat with Indy but are now outside looking in. I feel more of this sense of loss when they talk about Indy's experiences during World War II, as I guess unless we can accept the fact that Indy is played by somebody else, those are a treasure trove of stories that will remain lost to moviedom. As it is the movie basically sets up the stage for the mantle to be passed on to the next generation, although the fedora hat does not really get passed down yet together with the infamous bullwhip. But I wished that a better name can be had than Mutt, although Monty from Montana and Tex from Texas would be kitsch, at least a name like Mitch as in Michigan or even Dakota would have been a better proposition. But what is cast is cast, so welcome back Proffesor! Although you make me feel my age but I am still glad to be on board again. And yes I agree that the greatest treasure is knowledge (oops was that a spoiler?)

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