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Monday, 10 September 2007

ADBS (Marketing) ITM Gathering at Intekma Resort

Last night we had a gathering of my batch of ADBS Marketing 1990-1992. We were in 3 different classes based on the credit hours we managed to transfer but we managed to get a good mix of the 'elders' and the 'young turks' of the batch who came, some of whom did not meet each other after 15 years. Too bad we could not make it a mini-reunion as many bailed out in the last minute but all in all it was not too bad as the organisers expected only around eleven to come but we got fifteen instead, not counting the spouses.

Now just to clarify a bit, we got a mix of 'elders' and 'turks' as the course or rather ITM was unique in the sense that those who did the post diploma degree or advanced diploma was a mix of those who freshly graduated and those who already worked for a long or not so long time already. For those recently graduated from ITM diploma courses, we usually got a lot of credit transfers so we tend to be in the same classs due to time-table schedule and only mixed with the rest for the core subjects lectures while tutorials was different as we were able to drop a few subjects. So there is some barrier between the classes but then we were only around seventy odd people if memory serves, so the pool was not that big not to know each other. But then the generation gap do come into play so there may be some invisible barrier I guess. (Sorry I only have the photo of the boys 2 men here). In fact the way I understood it, the turks and elders mostly orbited in different worlds after graduation except for some but then last night was good in the sense that the core of those who came were basicaly those who wanted to break the invisible barriers as there are some of us who don't really care if we were turks or elders. Some even came from their hometowns more than 300 kilometres away on a work night just to catch up with each other. Only that I personally felt the difference as some of the elders already are in retirement with kids going to unis while the rest of us still have kids in primary school. Really brought me down to the earth when I stared middle age and mortality in the face.

Well we caught up with each other and it was good to note that all of us are doing well either at work or in their own business. Yes there was some peacocking going on but what the hell that's human nature right. At least everybody agreed that this was a good event and that we should now step forward, may be to a larger gathering, maybe a breaking fast event, later a Eidil Fitri Open House, a family get together vacation and then to a real reunion bash. Well the Shah Alam mafia has said it is now up to the KL mafia to take over the organising of the next event so let's get the balll rolling. I am now waiting for the people to post the pix they have taken and will post it here later. Onwards to our reunion.

Update : Here are group photos of the night.

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