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Monday, 24 September 2007

Hmmm! Thinking of Satay Padang

Surfing on the net cause HQ is on holiday, my fingers googled for satay padang and found some interesting websites. I don't know when I was small I abhorred the satay padang that my mum and her sisters never failed to buy when they went to KL, usually from a shop in Kampung Bahru. Maybe because the taste was so different from the regular javanese version of satay that my palate was used to.Satay padang unlike the javanese version do not have peanut sauce, sweet or otherwise, and instead the sauce is more like a gravy poured over it, thus you do not dip the satay sticks into the sauce, but just bite into it. Usually packed or served with the accompanying nasi impit and with fried shallots on top, the taste runs from mildly sweet to fiery if served with some sambal. Surprisingly I now am hankering for the satay's taste again, though to find it in KL would be a bit of a chore. The last time I had some was in Penang at the side of Chowrasta Market, but it was not made of tongue as it should be to give it the melt in the mouth sensation, but some rough brisket that was not even marinaded. Fortunately the gravy was tasty so the experience is not that dissapointing. Hmm wonder I should go hunting for this as my family does not seem to take to it as I was when I was small. Hmmm maybe when you get older do you start hankering for some food that you did not like in a younger age I guess, as some sort of comfort food to reminisce about.

Post Script- Last Saturday I went to Jalan Raja Alang and despite what was written in other blogs, the satay padang at Restoran Ros was available even during this fasting month and so it was also at the other competing restaurants nearby. Since the satay at Ros was my family's traditional placeof custom, it was their satay that become the starters for the breaking of fast that day. Alhamdulillah!

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