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Monday, 3 September 2007

Why I Feel Like Pasar Malam aaa?

During the weekend we all went to Putrajaya Floria as I was impressed with the news coverage that gave it so much buzz. Well ode to the spinmeisters I was totally underwhelmed by the show despite being compared to the Chelsea and Melbourne Flower Shows. Why can't we have an international class show that made sure that despite it being the tail-end of the show period, the flowers are still fresh and the displays are not drooping. At least the flower shops that were selling made sure their wares were up to standards as we found some unique pitcher plants and forest orchids and even Venus flytraps being sold that you usually do not find at floral centres. We ended up buying some pitcher plants but not the orchids as they seem a bit overpriced. Nonetheless the bane of the shop assistants was that there were many who came do not know how to take care of the flowers they are viewing resulting in many of them suffering losses from wilting and breakage. When will the Ugly Malaysian syndrome disappear is something that is beyond me.

Well in any case the show was termed as a success and it seems it will be continued at least as a biannual event. We hope that next time it will deserve all the hype as this show would surely bring in the crowds, especially foreigners as we do have beautiful flowers and plants locally that can be world beaters if properly exploited. Please make it bigger and forget the so called arts and craft sales segment as it felt like a pasar malam in disguise. At least make sure the stuff sold is really floral related or sold in a creative floral way, not just dumped like what you can see in pasar malams. Make sure it is up to the displays in the pavilion, then you will have a world class floral show.Let's make sure the teething problems of this first time effort will not be repeated as it is about time we do not have to use the easy excuse of 'teething problems' as a getaway solution. All the best for Putrajaya Floria 2009 then.

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