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Friday, 21 September 2007

Semprit Search Over

Well even when approaching the big four zero you still learn something new everyday. In my earlier posting I was talking about how difficult it was to get good semprit cookies for Eid. Well it seems one reason that it was difficult to do so was that semprit also goes under a different moniker i.e dahlia cookies. Imagine my surprise when I googled that name, there are so many recipes dedicated to the cookie. Look at all the luscious photos of the cookies taken from various recipes websites.

Oh yeah, the reason I got to know of this name was one of the office ladies was selling cookies for Eid and gave me a sample labeled as Dahlia cookie. It looked familiar and when I tasted it I knew it was the semperit cookie that I was looking for. It even came with red cherries on top the way I liked it. The result was i ordered 50 pieces for immediate delivery and another 150 for delivery before Eid as I do not want the latter delivery to suffer the same fate as the earlier delivery, ie, gone within a week heh!heh!heh! Anyway I do not think my Eid guests will be able to taste those even as my kids also are nuts about them as I am, as you can surely see from my pasting of all these Dahlia cookies photos.

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