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Friday, 21 September 2007

Well If It is my rezeki

What can I say. While going the pasar ramadhan after writing about the special rice dish and coconut milk desserts, you guessed it I found something related. Finally tried the nasi hujan panas and found one stall selling lompat tikam. About the nasi hujan panas, I have no idea what it is supposed to taste like but the one we had yesterday seems to be a sweeter version of nasi minyak and though everybody who knows me knows that I have an extremely sweet tooth, this time the taste does not meet my palate. Even the spicy chicken that accompanied the dish was sweet though the acar was excellent. Well what I can say is that I must try somebody else's nasi hujan panas before I can say whether this dish will become a regular meal item.

On the other hand the lompat tikam was a half and half affair. This version came with some pulut which seems to be the Kelantanese style as shown by this photo from The santan was like pengat and tasted wonderful and the pulut itself was very flavourful and they did not stinge on the palm sugar, but the rice flour custard tasted horrible so much so that it was left behind. My wife said this must be due that they used stale rice flour resulting in you tasting the bitterness. All in all it was still a wonderful treat and I cannot wait to come across another stall that makes the lompat tikam as it should as shown in the photo below from this blog.

The elusive luscious tikam lompat

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