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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

It Just Takes A Little Politeness

I had a meeting in Putrajaya today at one of the ministry complexes and had a pleasant experience there that usually you do not associate with visiting such places. I have been to the complex many times before but usually was chauffeur driven with guests so there was no hassle in finding a parking spot. And when once or twice I went there in my company proton wira, it was a hit and miss affair in finding a parking space near the building that I would be visiting, as most times we needed to park near the visitors parking space near the exit and walk to the building in the complex. Nevertheless in general, it is quite easy to get a parking space within the complex, so it amazes me to see cars illegally parked by the roadside outside the complex that to me mars these hallowed grounds of public administration, and it makes me think these are the inconsiderate people who either does not make the effort to find proper parking or does not know how to inquire for the proper parking places.
Well forget about them as what I wanted to impart here is the fact that when I approached the security gates, as is customary for me I rolled down my car windows and asked if I could still park inside at the visitor's parking space since I saw so many illegally parked cars outside. The security man asked me where I wanted to visit and then suggested I try to park near the building if there was space, failing which he said I could park at the visitor's parking area since there are still many spaces left. Well I just did what he suggested but what really surprised me was that when I was looking for the parking space within the vicinity, another security guard approached me and asked me if I was the one who spoke to the guard at the main gate. I answered in the affirmative and told him I have a meeting there. Lo and behold he waved me in to the reserved parking spot and in fact allowed me to park at the Deputy Minister's parking lot. It seemed that the security guard at the main gate actually radioed in and told this guy to get me a parking space, what a nice gesture. Compare this to the security guards at most shopping complexes and other secured parking areas where you actually had to pay for parking, and these security guys are really a notch above their brethrens. I do not want to think the reason for this was not because I drove a mpv and wearing formal wear as there are many other people more well dressed and in more expensive cars, but it was because I took the time to acknowledge the guard at the main gate. Too bad I could not thank him when leaving as I did the building guard as the exit was located elsewhere, but I applaud him for his good work.

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