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Monday, 10 December 2007

Living In Your Dreams?

I have recently posted my observation on our tendencies to overinflate our self-worth, most visibly through vehicles like the pasting of so-called "very important" windshield stickers. Nonetheless today I have seen yet another prime example personified by the car through a rather ingenious means. This was by modding his what I believe to be a middle 90's Ford Laser sedan into what the driver wants us to believe is a souped up Brabus Mercedes. I have no problem with modding or souping up your ordinary cars into a rally fit, drift fit or replica sports cars, as that is natural thing to do. Anyway no matter how souped up the car is, the basic model is still identifiable. In fact it is usually a matter of pride for the owners to show how much they can modify their basic models into super cars, and I personally if I have the time and the wherewithal would love to do the same with my run-about. Nonetheless to try to convert what is essentially a small capacity car into an internationally accepted super car is beyond my comprehension. Is this a case of living your dreams or living IN your dreams? Who are you kidding?

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