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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Putting Back The Fizz!

It is quite a coincidence that after posting about the old carbonated flavour cream soda, what do you know the main maker here made a promotional blitz to bring back the fizz to this old and tired flavour. A long ago favourite, I guess this may be a last gasp attempt to repopularise the flavour before taking out of the market. I really do not see many people drinking this original non-cola fizzy drink, so it may be already a dying market if the young generation cannot be persuaded to drink it other than its traditional use as the original ice cream float drink. The manufacturer this time has tried to jazz it up by suggesting it to be served as a cocktail drink, with mixers quite similar to what has been done to vodka or tequila. Since it is also a clear drink, the recipes provided and its appearance does give it an elegant if not cool look when mixed as suggested. Well if my suspicions are true, I hope this marketing push works as it would be a pity if the flavour is discontinued. In the meantime, Cheers Mate!

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