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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Very Important Gobbler

Of late I have been seeing cars displaying a fast food retailer's VIG stickers which I understand to mean as Very Importan Guests. I guess those displaying these stickers either get express service at these restaurants or a discount, at least this is what I expect if I am gonna stick someone's logo on my car. Nonetheless this got me thinking, are some of us so desperate to be looked upon as VIPs that we can stick on such stickers without thinking that this is just another evil genius mechanism by a slick marketing team to suck you in as free publicity providers. How else can you explain people leaving VIP stickers for so long ended events on their cars in a cavalier attempt to denote their importance. Otherwise it just means that these people do not mind to advertise the fact that they are fast food junkies, something that I personally do not want to do despite being a non fast food antagonist myself. My previous postings should attest to that though I do lament certain slow food becoming endangered. Nonetheless the fact that such stickers are can now be commonly found seems to underscore the fact that people do not mind being associated as voracious gobblers of such meals, a true testament of its meaning. Well the VIG sticker has even been bought and sold on Malaysian e-bay for god's sake. And to think people spend so much money to slim down :>)

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