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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Milk In Triangular Packets

Here is a quick blast from the past. Came across the picture in one of the net forums and it brought back some memories. Anyone remember that the Milkmaid brand of condensed milk and also F&N used to sell their condensed milk in such triangular or wedge packaging a long-long time ago. Presumably it was sold in such packages as economy packs as at that time packaged milk was a luxury item, and the fact that many of us Asians were naturally lactose intolerant also did not endear itself to be sold in larger sizes due to lack of market demand. Nonetheless such condensed milk packets found itself being sold as a snack in my old school canteen, and me with a sweet tooth was quite a regular customer when I had saved up enough extra money to buy a pack. It cost about 5 to 10 cents for a very small wedge at the time and this was a substantial portion of your daily school allowance of 20 cents. Actually condensed milk was readily available at home but you knowla no way your mum gonna allow you to drink it raw, the best you can get was to lick off the spoon. Anyway it was not uncommon to see kids milling around sucking out the milk from the triangular edge, and to think back now it must have been one hell of a sugar rush.

Well the last time I saw such wedge packaging was when I was in Australia where the hotel room fridge stock it as a regular item for your coffee and tea. Sure beats the creamer in small packets you get in the hotels nowadays locally. The only difference was it was not condensed milk but fresh milk instead, but still good to drink off the pack since I have learned to love fresh milk since that time long ago. I took back about a dozen home when I returned to KL, and they were quickly polished off by my kids. So I guess even tough it was not condensed milk, the kids actually loved the idea of drinking out of such triangular packs. Anybody game to bring back such packs to our shores then?

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