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Monday, 3 December 2007

Not Even A Footnote of History

I personally am very particular about writing about stuff that smacks of racism but the recent claims by the so-called Champions Of Oppressed Indians in Malaysia deserved to be rebuked of the highest order. Claims that the Indians in Malaysia has been subjugated and browbeaten ever since the British brought them over as indentured labourers already reeks of sedition, but now going overseas to petition foreign governments to view Malaysia as a Pariah country by claiming there is ethnic cleaning, suppression of rights and other ridiculous claims about the Indian society at large in Malaysia really deserve not only a smack of the wrist or slap in the face, but thrown to the dungeons. Luckily we do not keep crocodiles in the moat; otherwise that is a more deserving fate for these bastards.

Do they think they are really above the law that the can build temples anywhere they want that when the authorities take the rightful step to take down the illegal structure, that is terrorism by Moslems? Is it only such illegal places of worships that suffer the same fate, has not mosques and Chinese temples received the same treatment? Does this only happen in Malaysia? Why don’t you try to the same in the countries you are petitioning, let’s see what fate awaits you. Gitmo is calling! And yet here you can find Indian squatters living peacefully beside the Police quarters near the Police Station. So what police harassment are you talking about? If this is unbelievable, go to Sungei Besi and look for yourself. By the way do take note of the large school buses owned and operated by this supposedly poor squatters.

Now is the time for you upwardly mobile Indians that have tasted the nectar of Malaysian freedom to not only set the record straight but also take it in your hands to resolve the troubles that afflict your community. Those of you who make up numerous numbers of the Bar Council should speak up and show how people of your community can become lawyers in this so-called oppressive society. Are your professionals afraid to flaunt your wealth? Your merchant class must speak up on how you have reaped your wealth in this so-called subjugating nation. Do talk on how an Indian who can only read and write Tamil script is able to own two houses while only working as a company driver. Otherwise a community that has until recent history still practise a caste class system deserve to be viewed as a Pariah community by our people, as you do not know how to appreciate our lucky nation. Let this sorry state of affairs created by trouble makers of your community do not even gain the satisfaction of even becoming a foot note in our national community.

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