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Friday, 28 December 2007

Year End Thoughts

Well today is the last day of me working in 2007 and 2008 is already in the horizon. That means that I will only be one year away from the big Four Zero and I hope that after that I will have at least another forty years of good health and happy life. Anyway next year my younger daughter will start her kindergarten after pestering all this while that she wants to go to school. I hope she likes it and not get too turned off with studying because personally I believe that five years is a bit too young to start schooling but the thing as it is that she is now actually lagging behind some of her age group and will start classes with those of four years old. And I hope this time the elder will start waking up to her responsiblities as a student and start working hard to achieve good results as she does have a good mind, only she still lives in a dream world of her own.

I am also happy to mark this occassion with my hundreth posting on this blog. I hope those of you who have visited would at least obtain something to chew over after reading the postings. I may be writing things that the Malay term syok sendiri is most appropriate to define with, but I do hope that there is at least a nugget of knowledge to gain for you kind readers. Well I look forward to post more of the syok sendiri postings but I do hope those of you who visit would be able to enjoy it. Thus I bid you a good new year and I hope you will gain whatever it is that you strive for next year. Cheers!

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