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Friday, 18 January 2008

Confrontation with the black-headed rats

Last evening I noticed that the black-headed rats that I talked about previously persisted in bringing back girls to their bachelor pad. No wonder because after checking with their landlord, it seems that the vacate notice has not been served yet thus they were still bold enough to continue. Taking the bull by the horn, I increased my surveillance to the extend the girls tried to hide behind the car to escape being photographed. They then shrieked that I was being a hard-ass in harassing them but I told them off that if they think they can do nilly-willy in the neighbourhood, I can do much worse. It came to a boil to the extend that they effected a bollywood type escape whereby the boy who drove them off reversed the whole way through to escape my paparazzi lens.

About an hour later three boys came to confront me with the presumed intention to threaten me to stop but I stopped them in their tracks when I said that I am just taking evidence on behalf of their landord. I told them the fact that their landlord is aware of their actions and just waiting for the right time to evict them. Then they tried to make peace by defending their action but one dumbo said they only brought back girls to change their clothes. I wryly told him off that it amazes me that girls needs hours to change their clothes, behind closed doors even. They then tried salvage their lease by promising not to repeat their actions but I said this matter no longer rests with me. It is up to their landlord and the neighbourhood watch is also now keeping an eye on them and just waiting for me to say when. Well let's see how things develop in the next few days okay.

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