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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What an irony!

My home PC crashed last night so some blog articles that I was preparing is now inaccessible until I have time to send my CPU to check if the hard drive is recoverable. So today to spend some time I re-googled my favourite dish besamah or pesamah to see if this elusive dish has recently been mentioned by any local bloggers in their food blogs, and if I am lucky it was reviewed in a locality nearby. Imagine my surprise when I saw such a dish being offered by a Malay restaurant in of all places, Vietnam. My! My! My! Besamah has gone international without making an appearance in any of the local restaurants. Well to you all in Hanoi, enjoy the dish and I hope you like it. And for those in disbelieve, check out this menu of the Nisa Restaurant in Hanoi at this web-page.

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