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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Mickey Mouse is a mouse too right

Well over the weekend I got fed up with the mice problem that we were having outside the house I bought two box type mousetraps to resolve the problem. I did not want to use the regular snapping type trap as it is a messy affair with blood to clean after from past experience, and the box type mouse trap is anyway more humane as I only need to transplant the captured mice far away from the house by releasing it to the wild. Well duly caught one on Saturday and another last night, but on Monday another one that was caught somehow managed to partially wiggle itself out halfway through the tiniest of holes in the side of the trap. Well my wife in a state of panic banged its head twice so naturally it got its neck broken but remain stuck to the grill. There was no way I could wiggle the body out so that was one trap that had to be thrown away after just two nights of service. What a waste but this was good proof to my wife that a mouse can wiggle its way through a hole of any size. At least I had proven to the wife that despite her precautions there was no mice in the house actually, but a mouse from outside that wiggled in at nights and used the floor under the sofa as its toilet. This was because after several nights no mouse was caught in the house.

Well talking about mice, the mice with black hair as the Malay would call the bachelor buggers who are my recent neighbors hopefully got their comeuppance. They were getting very bold in bringing back their girlfriends home especially during the holidays and the straw that broke my patience's back was on Saturday night when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night after hearing girls cackling outside the bedroom window. Imagine my anger when I peeped out to see they were now boldly lounging beside the road without any respect to their predominantly Malay neighborhood, as if they did not know that the Malay norms do not allow such gallivanting promiscuity especially in public. Well after talking with the surau people who said they cannot take any action because it seems this proximity act, that is being carried out in a large gathering of people in the house, even behind closed doors does not allow the police and surau people to take action under the auspices of human rights. Eh is that right? What a wonderful loophole for you punks who wanna do the same, just don't do it in my neighbourhood okay. Regardless of the wimpiness of the surau exco people who know only to talk and not act, I managed to talk to my uncle who promised to get the actual authorities to look into this as he said there is no such loophole. But the most satisfying action I took that seemed to have put a stop to this nonsense is that when I called up the landlord, she immediately said she will give immediate vacating notice to the fellows as she herself was not in favour in letting the house to the bachelors as she was afraid this problem would occur. But since it has happened, she will not tolerate it happening further. Well the immediate reaction to this seems to have stop the nuisance from re-occurring so let's see if it has really stop this weekend. What seems certain is the fellows now seems cowed a bit and no longer acting as if they are the lords of the neighbourhood. Well if they are gone at the end of the month good riddance to them!

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