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Monday, 28 January 2008

Goodbye Old Faithful

Today I would be surrendering my old company handphone model Nokia 7210 after a long service of six years, which I guess is an ancient model but good enough for such a long period of use. Well basically I am a very basic handphone user who is not so enamoured to regularly change my phone as compared to some fellows who I know changes their handphone every so often. Another reason was that in my previous assigment some of my client facilities disallow camera phones to be taken in, so I saw no reason to upgrade my phone even though I am entitled to change my set every three years. So models came and went while I stuck with the early colour screen model. Actually I was also not so impressed with phones that although having many functions like camera and such, but to me quite bulky to carry around. So I also waited for Nokia to come up with a model that is as slim as the 7210 but have sufficient functions to satisfy the current needs for some time and quite obsolescent proof as I do not think that I would be changing models that soon, hopefully for at least another three years.
Well to me Nokia finally has come up with a worthy successor model, the model 6120 classic that has the most functions and already with 3.5G and dual camera on board, so I guess the phone should meet my needs for a while. I think Nokia is also hoping for the model to be a classic model since they have labelled with the classic moniker, as I do not remember if there was a preexisting 6120 model before this, and this is no updated model then. I've looked at Sony Ericsonn models and also quite impressed with them but being such a long time user of Nokia I have trouble with the interface. In fact I also have trouble with the Symbian interface of the 6120 model but at least there is some familiarity to help me along. Well here's looking forward to a good long usage of the phone, at the very least now I can more easily take photos for my blog eh? Well goodbye old faithful, I hope you at least get recycled and get a new lease of life.

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