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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tucking into Kingly Pies.

I guess many people now knows of King Pies. The pioneer halal meat pie specialist store has now spread their wings to six locations in Malaysia, proving that you do not need to be a franchise concept from the west to make it big. Offering english-styled pies from bare bones pie bars rather than the original restaurant style outlets in their home country of South Africa, who would have thought locals has readily taken to the concept as another convenient quick meal source, that to me is a far healthier alternative than the greasy burgers from the prevalent fast food joints. I guess the flavours they offer in the spicier versions makes it easier for the Malaysian tastebuds to accept, thus being more welcome than the normal british styled creamy versions. Since their shapes are also easier to eat on the run without the normal spillovers that can be associated with other fast foods, also gives them the advantage to succeed. Their largest sized pies also is suffient for a good meal, enough to satisfy the biggest of appetites.

Well imagine my delight when I found another franchise start-up offering meat pies as their major offering in Gardens Midvalley. Called Tucker Box, as you can guess it originates from Australia and is owned by real Ozzie partners, so you can be sure they stick to the script. And what delights me further is that by taking a leaf from King Pie and making their pies as halal, it has become accessible to people like me who can only drool at their great looking pies when we visit Australia. Being OZ here means more conventionally Brit, and for people like me who love such a taste but usually are only able to obtain this version at more high priced establishments, just love being able to buy such meat pies at more affordable prices. The best thing for people who like variety like is that three of their smaller pies will cost about the same as their large pies, so you can get three flavours for the price of a large pie. That is something you cannot do at King Pie, bummer. You can also get sweet pastries at the shop but we only bought a variety of savoury pies to tapau when when we were there, so can't comment on their taste. But I can tell you their meat pies even meet the taste demand of my fussy eater, the elder daughter. Fair Dinkum to you mate!Whatever it is for pie carnivores like me, here's hoping for more such halal meat pie outlets opening up, as sandwich bars just do not cut it for me. This is not say that there are no local outlets offering good meat pies, the ones from Secret Recipe are great, but since they are not specialists the variety is just not there and furthermore the meat pies are offered more as sit down appetisers rather than meals on the run. Anyway most of these outlets are not halal, thus the moslem consumers are usually left out. So here's looking to more King Pie's and Tucker Boxes opening up.

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