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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I Love the the Cold Storage Marketplace in Gardens Mid-valley

Well this is not a post on the two new premier shopping malls , Pavillion versus Gardens Midvalley. There are already many blogs comparing the two. But I must say I prefer the Gardens although it is still a works in progress, as the shopping experience is more natural, somewhat like you have in Suria KLCC, great for window shopping as I am sure that will be the main activity for most of the visitors there. As for the Pavillion, like the sister property Starhill, their traffic flow is somewhat awkward and daunting, where you may have a hard time locating a store because it is hidden away in some nook and cranny, and where connections between zones is inherently difficult. You really need a map to get around but in this case the Gardens wins handsdown with its interactive touch screen location guide. Damn great for the I.T. literate.

But enough about comparing the two. The one thing that really scores the Gardens well in my book is because they have the best damn Cold Storage/Giant supermarket in Malaysia. This is because they feature a foods of the world section and their cheese and sushi counter carries the widest selections on offer, many not carried by their other supermarkets. So now you really do not have to ask your overseas travelling acquantance or you yourself have to go overseas to pick up some foreign foodstuff that you may have a craving for, as it is a good bet you can find it here. You can even buy local baby lobster here at a reasonable price. It was only around 50 ringgit for a half kilo critter that day. This seems to be the first Marketplace store concept under their wing that has opened in Malaysia after Singapore. Hopefully the Cold Storage in Suria KLCC will be upgraded to a Marketplace too soon. And if you think that there is not enough Japanese foodstuff from the Marketplace, walk a bit further in this level and you will find a Japanese store that carries more Japanese stuff than Isetan. Here you can buy fresh seafood to be eaten at Sushi-Zen too. Well it was only a short four hour visit with a one hour dinner at Sushi-Zen, so you can bet I will make a return visit there too.

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