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Friday, 13 June 2008

The Best Malay Chicken Rice In KL

I don't particularly find Malay style chicken rice exceptional as usually only the chilli dip is done well by most sellers, while I will usually find something to complain about the rice or the chicken. So other than the barbecued version in Bandar Tasik Selatan, the only Malay chicken rice shop that you will find me returning frequently to is located in Jalan Traver food court in Desa Pandan. I first found this stall sixteen years ago when I first moved to KL, and it still remains well patronised till now. In addition to regular chicken rice and fried chicken rice, the thing that attracts me the most here is that you can have yours served with chicken gizzards, either as mixed dish or a side dish. The stall is called Warung Sukaramai and despite what the sign says they can now afford to only specialise in serving chicken rice as attested to the many chicken carcasses hanging on the hooks. Gives prove that stalls that specialises in a signature dish usually serves a very good version of the dish.

Well take a look at the chicken rice I ordered, it looks regular enough with only rice, some soup and chicken and gizzards with the chilli and soy sauce poured over it instead of served in dip saucepans right. Take a closer right and see how fluffy the chicken rice is and I guarantee you that the taste does not come from some chicken granules or cube. It is made from parboiled chicken stock but is still not oily like some other places. As for the chicken, they are actually double fried chicken as you can observe from the hanging chicken photo, where you can see the skin tone is actually lighter and darker. So what you get is chicken that has a similar texture as being roasted but actually has a great fried taste with crispy skin. And you get the full complement of lettuce leaves and cucumbers so this chicken rice meal is a complete meal. Mummies will approve. And the chili sauce is not the regular sweet chili sauce that would be usual elsewhere, but Chinese style garlic chili sauce that is home brewed. No factory stuff here. And the soy sauce is again a home brewed concoction for the extra taste and does not come straight from the bottle. And I am not ashamed to say that I usually will ask for extra rice when eating here as there will be enough leftover chicken after I finish the first rice plate. As for the soup, again this is not made from factory made chicken stock but from real boiled chicken stock. The sediment from this soup bowl proves this as there is no way clear stock made from chicken cubes or granules. And yes you are seeing the photo right, there is still some chicken and liver left even after I finish the rice. Anyway this gives me the opportunity to show how crisp the chicken skin is. Nice to eat on its own.

Anyway to wash the chicken rice meal down, the usual accompaniment by most regulars here is the Air Batu Campur(ABC) from the drinks stall beside it. This is because this is old school ABC, with rose syrup and palm sugar and doused with evaporated milk and not the sickly sweet condensed milk now being used by most other ABC sellers. This allows the flavours of the ABC to really campur or mixed, allowing each component to show its strength. A real refreshing way to wash down the chicken rice. And the damage for this eating pleasure? I must say that there has been a price increase, from a princely price of RM3.50 to RM3.80 for regular chicken rice and from RM3.80 to RM4.50 for fried chicken rice. And my own bill with extra rice and gizzards only cost me RM4.50 and coupled with the ABC costing me another RM1.50, I only had to pay a nowhere else cannot get price of six ringgit for a meal fit for a king.

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