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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Satiating Prawn Noodle Cravings In The Klang Valley

A fellow forumer in Cari is also a diehard mee udang or prawn noodle aficionado, in fact more so and always in search of good halal prawn noodle especially in the Klang Valley. I had told told him about seeing such a prawn noodle dish, northern style even, being offered by one of the stall in the Bukit Beruang R&R centre along the Grand Saga highway near Kajang and he had eagerly went there for a try recently. It saddens me to say this but it was quite comical when he complained that the prawn noodle served there not only was bad but even tasted of cockroaches, giving him nightmares when he remembers the experience. Luckily this did not put him off prawn noodles and in fact he has spent the past week in Seberang Perai tasting the various prawn noodle offered by different stalls in Sungei Dua, one of the centres for this dish though he says that the prawn noodles available in Matang Perak are still better. Needless to say this shows how difficult it is to satisfy our cravings for good halal prawn noodles in the Klang Valley.

As I used the old Branang road to come back from my wife's hometown, this gave me the opportunity to visit a stall in Kampung Melaka Ulu Langat, along the Ulu Langat old road, that even though my wife's colleagues said was just passable, this forumer instead said that the dish was quite acceptable although he said not to expect a mountain of prawns on top of the noodles befitting the Klang Valley location. Trusting his palate more than my wife's colleagues who I really sometimes feel are really jaded, I stopped over at Kak Ani's Restoran Mee Udang after buying some fresh corn cobs, mangosteens and jackfruits that the area is also famous for. Also serving Kampong styled mix rice, chicken rice and spicy beef soup for lunch and Thai dishes at night, we were there for namesake and ordered two portions for me and the missus. A patron seated at the next table ordered her prawn noodles in the fried glass noodles version and when it came out it did not really looked extraordinary so I was wondering if this meal would satisfy our own cravings.After waiting for a bit longer, our prawn noodles finally came and it actually looked appetising. This version was served as a typical Muar Style Mee Bandung complete with runny yolk wok poached egg. The gravy was nice although a bit hot but the stall assistant did say we could specify a milder version if we wanted to. The best thing was even though my mate was right in saying do not expect a mountain of prawns to be served, at least they were not stingy and you do actually get five medium sized prawns, still fresh according to Klang Valley standards. Overall a satisfying meal although no fireworks were blazing. Nonetheless both of us agrees that in the event that we have a sudden craving for prawn noodles the next time around, Kak Ani's offering can satiate it well enough. We may even try the fried version this time. Especially since it only cost six ringgit a plate, value enough in this era of food price increases.

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umanniacs said...

Hehehe..ada citer pasal aku ke muchi..

nampak cam best plak kedai kak ani nie...lama x singgah..nanti aku try