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Friday, 13 June 2008

Waiting for the dumbbells!

Well these are the photos around KLCC after I returned from my Friday prayers today. Thankfully there is no jam coming into the parking bays but the lobby areas were already cordoned off. Surprisingly even the entrance to Suria has been closed and only the side emergency doors were opened, creating a mini pedestrian jam. And the reason for all this? An organised demonstration against the recent fuel hike by these dumbbells who cannot reason and live in the real world. Don't they realise that they are actually showing how selfish, greedy and shortsighted, not to mention lowly thinking people they are who only know how to grab things for themselves. Stop living in a bubble and bite the bullet. If you still want to demonstrate to satisfy some wanton animalistic need within yourself, why don't you all go to the real place of power in Putrajaya and not inconvenience the rest of us who are biting the bullet and getting on with our life. Or is it your paymasters cannot afford to pay for the buses to transport you there after they have filled up on their chauffeured limousines and luxury cars. Anyway if you go there at least you can see the sights as paid for by our national petroleum company. So maybe you can still obtain further benefits from our petroleum resources eh.

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