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Monday, 30 June 2008

Fullamak! Nasi Lemak!

Well this is not to talk about the other type of nasi lemak but is to continue my series on the Malay food haven in the vicinity of Sungei Besi, today I would like to take you to the Fullamak soup stall in front of the Desa Tasik mosque along the main road heading towards Sungei Besi Town. More known for their northern style fortified spicy soups and noodle soups that cames in various types of meats, this stall is to me a favourite stop for breakfast on my Sunday marketing for the family not for the soups but for the nasi lemak packets.

These nasi lemak packets look ordinary in their plastic containers and still cost a ringgit each todate. Even the first impression when you open it up is still ordinary, as you still see some sambal with slivers of ikan bilis or white bait and a slice of hard boil egg on top. Only when you break up the packed rice do you find a hidden treasure that is the main attraction to my kids, pieces of salted cat fish that brings the nasi lemak to a higher level. Eaten with the nasi lemak that is just lemak or milky enough to qualify itself as a nasi lemak, the salted cat fish brings to the flavour a cache of taste that actually is quite indescribable, not to mention the aroma the salted fish imparts on the rice. The kids will look for packets that has less sambal not only because it is too spicy for them, but the sambal may overwhelmed the taste and aroma if there is too much. But for me either way is okay, because biting into a mouthful of rice mixed with sambal and the saltfish is a pleasure of a different plateau. I have no idea which region traditionally adds salted fish as condiment in their nasi lemak, but I suspect this age-old practise may have been forgotten in its place of origin as in my travels I have yet to find a nasi lemak with the same condiments.

But wait, do remember that this is still a soup stall as it is. What many people will do is eat a packet of nasi lemak as an appetiser before proceeding with their meal of noodle soup like this kueytiau soup that my missus had. I must say that the noodle soup here is the best amongst the three competing soup stalls along the street, and they are the most generous with their meats. However my preference is to order just soup instead to eat with the nasi lemaks, and either lungs, tripes or even mixed meats will accompany the nasi lemak as shown herewith. This is a delicious way to have a full meal that can last you until the afternoon, as Sundays we usually have high tea instead of brunch. So if ever you are in the neighbourhood, come try the nasi lemak and the soup dishes here. You might find a new way to enjoy your breakfast. By the way, they charge a really cheap standard price for all drinks here, so if you want to have your beverages on the cheap still, this is also a good place to have your cuppa.

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