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Monday, 23 June 2008

Dance Of The Butterflies

I do not know why but in the course of my life I have managed to tame some butterflies into landing on my body parts, and usually when I visited butterfly farms I have even managed to coax them into landing on my fingers. The reason for this is simple, the butterflies are usually already tame and I usually have a dirty trick up my sleeves, whereby I will dip my fingers into the nectar that the farm usually lay out to feed the butterflies. So naturally some will flock to my fingers right.

However it is a rare occasion to see butterflies dancing in midair and rarer still to capture it with your camera. Though I have seen such a butterfly dance twice before, I was happy enough to be able to film this two butterfly dancing merrily in my porch yesterday. Nothing distracted them from their dance, even when my wife held out a flower between them. However after observing the clip more closely, I have come to the conclusion that this is not really a mid-air ballet between a loving butterfly couple, but more of a dogfight between two male butterflies. Have a look and make your own conclusions.

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