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Sunday, 22 June 2008

First Time Going To Market Or Just Blur!

I just wanted to relate something that happened when I was at my fishmonger this morning. While we were buying our seafood supply for the week, along came a guy asking for the price of some large seaprawns remaining. My fishmonger replied it was 48 ringgit a kilo and the guy said to wrap it up and after weighing the prawns the fishmonger told the guy the price was 28 ringgit. The funny thing was when it came to make a payment the guys wanted to pass over three ringgit and that stopped my fishmonger hands in midair. With the prawns hanging, he repeated to the guy that the price of the prawns were 28 ringgit and not two ringgit and eighty cents. And the conclusion of this drama was the guy moved away with his tail between his legs. Well I remarked to my wife that this guys was either a first time market goer, blur or just trying his luck to outsmart the fishmonger. If really sea prawns are being sold for two eighty for half a kilo, I'll take ten kilos please! Honey, please fire up the barbie when we get home then!

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