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Monday, 9 June 2008

First Bite Into The Price Increase

This morning is the first time I filled up my tank and it cost me an even one hundred and eleven ringgit. But the cool thing the station gave me full service when the attendant filled up the tank for me, a service long stopped but reoffered I guess as there were fewer customers. In fact I noticed for the first day of work after school restarted, there was less traffic jams today as compared to the perennial Monday Morning Blues that we used to face before. In fact when I took the family to Port Dickson on Saturday, there was also less visitors and I could easily get parking and picnic spots even though we only arrived at 10:00 a.m. If this is part of the positive side of the recent fuel price hike, I thank God for it especially the less traffic part, as this means I can save some off the petrol usually lost to the traffic jam gremlins, an unexpected benefit of having less vehicles on the road as people swear off driving to save petrol charges.

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Alpha said...

There's always that silver lining isn't it?