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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

So Can We Get On With The Business Of Nation Building Now

Well the proposed "show of no confidence" as proposed by SAPP has now passed without a whimper with their MP's not even showing up to initiate such a motion. So can we now let the government get on with their job of nation building in this trying times. The passage of the motion on the increase in the price of fuel and other goods in the Dewan Rakyat Monday, is a reflection of the strong support by Barisan Nasional members towards the leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the government. Thus those threaten by our PM's reforms should stop their feud and either get in line or get out. It is as simple as that. And stop making silly allegations like 'being threatened" when you coward out from carrying out your high-fatulating intimidation. Last I checked we are still not a banana republic though some quarters in our society is determined to bring this nation to that state. I sincerely believe that a silent majority are still of the civil society, and will not allow that to pass. The alternative is too dreadful to consider.

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